not really a question but hi, youre back! i missed you <33

I didn’t think anyone had really noticed I stopped posting/only posted sporadically for a while, so this made me smile a lot! Thank you :) <333

I could of spent another century with you.


harry never wonders why mum and dad always sleep in his room on halloween night, growing up.

he just accepts the fact that the night will always end with daddy on one side and mummy on the other, hugging him tight despite the fact that it’s almost oppressively warm with all three of them squished together. his siblings start joining in and eventually halloween night just becomes potter family dogpile night.

halloween night gets a little brighter, in lily and james’ minds, crushed together in a too small bed with the people they love most in the world, and breathing gets a little easier, with time.

Jily Faceclaims: Karen Gillan and Aaron Johnson
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home is wherever I’m with you (x)


home is wherever I’m with you (x)


A Jily Scrapbook 

Basically I took some of AnxiousPinapples and Viria13's art, edited it a tiny bit and made them into photographs. Hope you like it ;)


otp series: jily (1/?)


otp series: jily (1/?)

im sad can i pls have some cute jily headcanons??


aw anon i hope you feel better soon! here are a few off the top of my head:

  • lily falls asleep everywhere like in class in the library in the common room even in the changing rooms when she’s waiting for james and when he comes back/sees her he always thinks she looks so adorable and he’ll pick her up and carry her to her dorm (but before he figured out how to get up there he took her to his dorm and he’d sleep on the floor and give her his bed)
  • james has such long limbs that he always takes up all the space on the bed and because he overheats he lies on top of the covers so lily has to tickle him so he’ll move and she can take them
  • either that or she just cuddles him cause he’s warm and comfy yay
  • james has an addiction to shopping in supermarkets like if you send him there and say just buy some bread he’ll buy three different types and a baguette and pastries and tarts just for good measure and so lily always has to supervise him and sneak stuff back onto the shelves from the trolley when he isn’t looking
  • even though lily always falls asleep first she is not a morning person but james is and he spends half an hour in the morning either squinting at her and making faces or flicking/kissing her nose until she wakes up
  • lily is always losing her quills and she always has to borrow one off james (who has an extensive collection) and he pretends to get annoyed when she puts the end of the quill near her lips but really he’s always jealous of the quill (until sirius says mate you’re jealous of a quill and james is like woops)
  • james loooves cooking but he’s not very good at it and always makes a mess, lily is a lot better but finds it dull so usually they end up having a food fight and then snogging :))

hope this helps! <3


haha jily? *laughs nervously* more like lames *looks around anxiously* who would even like- oh shit *fanfictions and art fall out of pocket* i-im just holding them *they’re now everywhere* for a friend *frantically collects them* h-h-haha i swear