oh god but baby harry watching peter pan on the tele and lifting his arms in the air and lily smiles and levitates him and he’s cackling with delight


That stage where Lily and James are friends but Lily is clearly very obviously attracted to him and in denial about it tho

Imagine how much fun James mustave had getting her all flustered 

Like imagine her coming down to the changing rooms after Quidditch practice one evening bc James is taking his sweet time and they’re late, they have to go over patrol schedules or whatever

And then she walks in and stops short at the sight of him shirtless and abruptly turns the colour of a carrot

And James notices this and grins and comes right up to her like all up in her face and takes his time pulling his shirt on

And Lily just glares at him and walks off in a huff with her head held high, face still bright red, telling him to hurry the fuck up

Oh my god the possibilities are endless these twoooo skfhklshflkh


The Magic Begins: Favourite (canon) ship/couple
↳ Lily and James Potter


Merlin’s beard, Lily. We’re going to be parents. Us. Can you imagine that?


muggle au where james goes to bingo night every week at the community center with his elderly mother and all the old ladies fawn over him, trying to set him up with their granddaughters. but he only has eyes for the redhead calling the numbers.


James was a tall, thin man with hazel eyes and untidy black hair that stuck up at the back.
Lily was a beautiful woman with thick, dark red hair that fell to her shoulders.


James was a tall, thin man with hazel eyes and untidy black hair that stuck up at the back.

Lily was a beautiful woman with thick, dark red hair that fell to her shoulders.


And if somebody hurts you, I wanna fight…But my hands been broken, one too many times.


And if somebody hurts you, I wanna fight…
But my hands been broken, one too many times.


James Potter being invited to a dance by Lily Evans. James having absolutely no idea how to dance. James turning to Sirius, who has begrudgingly gone to many balls and galas because of his pompous family. Sirius being surprisingly helpful and spending all night teaching James dance moves. James getting up on the dance floor and doing everything from the electric slide to the worm.

Umm... Ah helloo! I hope that you're having a good day! Well, can i ask you something? What's your favourite Jily/Marauders fanfics?? Pls pls i am so bored and i need to read jily


A.N./ Hey! Thank you, and yes, I am having a pretty good day so far. It’s even better now that someone’s started talking to me. :) I completely sympthize with your boredom, so it’s without further ado, I present to you my Jily fanfiction recommendations as requested by anon. 


  • Priori IncantatemCan James Potter, Marauder and troublemaker extraordinaire, ever convince Lily Evans, Prefect and good girl, that they were meant to be? Now complete!
  • Every Other MidnightProfessor Potter and Head Girl Lily Evans… The Dark Decline
  • Tears on the BalconyLily & James have hated each other ever since their initial meeting took a wrong turn. After a shocking goodbye at the end of their 6th year, are things going to be any different in the following year when they are forced to work together as Head Boy and Head Girl?
  • CommentariusLily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her mates are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she can’t seem to get rid of. PRE-HBP
  • BoyfriendPotter was going to say that he wasn’t my boyfriend. I couldn’t let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn’t tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him.
  • Fiancée"I dropped my fork. Did he really just say that? Smehkaleen." The much awaited sequel to Molly Raesly’s "Boyfriend."
  • PregnantThe final chapter of Molly Raesly’s “Boyfriend” series.
  • DeflatingShe started going out with him in seventh year. Once James had deflated his head a bit.” James is desperate, but can he really change everything he is for a girl? Well… he can try. ::It’s done! And it’s won awards!::
  • Obsessive Lily Disorder: James worships the ground Lily, er, throws him on? Includes stalking, Polyjuice potion and James attempting many acts of suicide such as drowning his head in toilet bowls because Apple Of His Eye Evans hates his guts. Or does she? Complete .
  • You give me heart palpitationsIn the words of Slughorn: You will not underestimate the power of obsessive love. James and Lily start their relationship in 7th year, but what happens when Lily starts receiving love letters from the Half Blood Prince? ‘Obsessive Lily Disorder’ sequel.
  • The Marauders’ CompanionWhen the Marauders and Lily discover ‘The Marauders’ Companion’, a book filled with fan fiction of the Marauder Era, they find out that fanfiction writers are always interesting, if nothing else. JP/LE
  • I’ll Fight For You"Then why won’t you go out with me?" James asks quietly, looking down at me with blazing eyes. There are many reasons why I won’t go out with him. 1 He’s a selfish git. 2 He’s not my type and 3…"You would hurt me."
  • Kissing the EnemyEver get the feeling the world is conspiring against you? That all of your worst nightmares are coming true? Welcome to my life or week anyway. Someone save me! And while you’re at it, get James Potter’s lips off of mine!
  • The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the DoeMoments. They make or break relationships. Lily didn’t just happen to fall in love with James. It wasn’t an accident, but a long drawn out process that grew out of the relationships of the people around them. And when it came down to it, even Lily and James couldn’t fight fate.
  • Summer MagicYou mean to say that Potter’s family is coincidentally staying across the street from our beach house for the summer, Mum and Mrs. Potter are now randomly best friends, and they expect me to hang out with that git for two months? You’ve got to be joking.
  • Before The FawnBefore Harry, before Godric’s Hollow, before the Dark Lord was defied three times… Lily Evans and James Potter discovered that neither of them were what the other had expected, and embarked on a relationship that would change the world as they knew it.
  • CrossroadsIn her seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Lily Evans finds herself facing a tragedy that leaves her life in pieces. She ultimately finds great strength both within herself and those she never would have expected. FINAL CHAPTER UP July 8 05!
  • Runaway LoveAU. At the prestigious private University of Percy Academy, James Potter is a rich, hotshot second year grad student who has no time and patience to deal with lowlife rejects like Lily Evans.
  • Pursuing Lily EvansThe Marauders chose to video tape their days at Hogwarts, their pranks, and James’ desperate attempts at winning Lily’s heart. What happens when Harry stumbles upon these old videos? COMPLETE
  • The Beautiful Game[Finished] Ah, the world of Hogwarts Quidditch, the game is exciting, the players are worshiped, the commentating is explicit and James wants Lily on his team. Things could get rioty. LJ 7th year.
  • Little LadyTo attend the prestigious all boys Hogwarts school of magic,Lily Evans disguises herself as a boy.Things get interesting when the Marauders take her under their wing,however Potter realizes there is more to their new friend than meets the eye. LJ no slash
  • A Month of SundaysHow exactly does Lily discover her buried feelings for James Potter? Picks up from James’s and Lily’s 5th year, shortly after Lily ends her friendship with Snape.
  • Hand in HandEnemies James Potter and Lily Evans’ hands are stuck together by James’ fellow Marauders…mainly Sirius’s idea. Read the story of how they discover love is the heart of acceptance and hate is the heart of denial. Includes nifflers and Marauder fun.
  • Girl Got GameFIN. Lily was not prepared to go to Hogwarts to live a life of gender bending and cross dressing just in order to be able to play a serious game of Quidditch. But that cute chaser James Potter just might make up for all of it…if he weren’t such a jerk.
  • Kiss and TellThe rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.
  • Cameo imagesWe don’t remember days, we remember moments. A series of James and Lily drabbles. Part 16, a missing scene from Deathly Hallows. The story of how the vase from Petunia was broken.
  • Hogwarts Next Top ModelAU MWPP era. In January of their 6th year, the Marauders come up with their best boredom buster to date - a recreation of the show America’s Next Top Model, along with a lovely prize. Drama and hilarity in equal parts promptly ensue. R&R?
  • I’m Sticking With YouA charm gone wrong has Lily and James stuck together. Literally. James is ecstatic to find out he gets to stay within less than a foot with Lily at all times. Lily is completely livid. R&R
  • I’m Staying With Younext after ‘I’m Sticking With You’ but you don’t have to read that to understand this. Lily spends part of her summer with the Potters and Sirius after she decides she can’t take arguing with her sister anymore.
  • These WordsLily and James’s story, told entirely through scribbled notes and letters.
  • Flower and ProngsLily Evans has become the new Hogwarts Head Girl, but her partner in action, the Head Boy, is her long hated enemy, James Potter.
  • Green and HazelLily and James have graduated Hogwarts, and continue on with the adventures their lives holds in store for them, in the anticipated sequel to Flower and Prongs.
  • Red and RavenThe final and well anticipated third book to Flower and Prongs, and Green and Hazel.
  • The Curtain CallJames and Lily spend their summers together producing plays, though neither are happy about the presence of the other. With James, as the set designer, and Lily, as the actress, tensions run high.
  • Above and BeyondWhat happens when Lily and James die and go to heaven? How do they feel about being in heaven while Harry is on earth, fighting Voldemort alone? This is the story of their afterlife, and the people who arrive over time.
  • We Might As Well Be StrangersJames wakes up in St. Mungo’s, but can’t remember anything from his past. He struggles to figure out who he is and why he ended up with amneisa. Of course, it’s no help that his Healer is a beautiful redhead whom he can’t seem to get out of his mind.
  • All Right, Evans?Part I of in-progress trilogy [6th year]: The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn’t do anything without everybody else saying something about it.
  • Dangerous Crowds: All Right, Evans?, Part II [7th year]: “As in all wars, life goes on.” -HP/HBP
  • Prelude to DestinyNominated for Best Romance Hourglass Award: Lily’s goals were to get over her annoying crush on James Potter and avoid becoming Head Girl, but in 6th year after her exboyfriend shows up, everything started spiralling out of control.[COMPLETE]
  • FarragoA medley of unconnected drabbles focusing on James and Lily
  • Let me Belong: Lily and the Marauders are known for not quite getting along. When James moves next door to Lily, the two spend the summer getting themselves in unbelievable situations. When they return to Hogwarts thing’s really begin to heat up…and not just for them.
  • Say When: AU. A version of how Lily Evans and James Potter would have met if they were only two university students in a world where magic and Hogwarts didn’t exist.
  • Our Battles"Lily shuddered at the feel of James’s warm breath against her skin. She wanted to yell and curse at him; to hit him, even. She knew he was doing this on purpose, trying to provoke some kind of reaction out of her. And, Merlin help her, it was working."
  • You Don’t Say: Lily genuinely liked James Potter. He was handsome enough to make any girl swoon, but he was also funny, clever, and secretly kind. Unfortunately, he could also be rude, thoughtless, spoiled, and cruel. Finding the balance was the tricky part. Author note: James is a jerk. Please don’t be surprised.
  • James and the Baby SitterWhen Lily has to baby-sit for the Potters she never expects to fall for their eldest son. But for just how long can she resist the charming James Potter?
  • Courtesy Of Sirius…Or Was It Remus?Sirius…Or Remus…Decide to lock Lily and James in a room in an attempt to finally bring them together. But, of course, the plan goes wrong and Lily, along with all of the marauders, all end up trapped. And then chaos ensues.
  • Harry Potter: The PrequelA story told from Lily Evan’s point of view, beginning from when she first found out she was a witch and ending in her death. My goal is to stick very close to JK’s plot line and only fill in the spots she left blank, which are many
  • New YearLily Evans is planning on seeing the New Year in alone, then just getting through the rest of the year with as few problems as possible. Unfortunately for Lily Evans, very little in her life is that simple. Still, what difference can a year make? 1977 through the eyes of L & J. Cover art by Viria. All Harry Potter characters, places etc are the property of JK Rowling.

A.N./ I’m sure as you can infer, I basically just went on my ‘favorite’s list’ on and copied the names of a few fanfictions. Well, I’d say a but more than a few. Anyway, if you want to see a more complete list of my favorite fanfictions, you can always go on my page and view my favorite’s list. Enjoy! :)